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The Podiatric profession covers a broad spectrum of potential specialities within the foot and ankle area. 
The role of the Podiatrist within both Podiatric Rx and the Foot and Ankle Clinic has a number of distinct sub specialities. The main the type of work we see is related to joint and soft tissue problems in association with mechanical pathology. 

Sports Injuries 

One of the remits of Mark's NHS commitments at the University Hospital Birmingham was to develop the musculoskeletal and trauma service from a podiatry perspective. As part of this development over the last decade and beyond Mark has been heavily involved in the management of musculoskeletal lower limb injury. 

Inflamatory Joint Disease 

Rheumatoid and psoariatic arthritis can have a significant effect in regard to foot and ankle structure and function. Rheumatoid arthritis is the most common form of inflammatory arthropathy and although characterised by acute episodes of significant pain and inflammation is also progressive in nature and represents a chronic disease process. 

Acute and chronic joint and soft tissue problems 

Working across the whole spectrum of the rehabilitation phases following injury, in particular in regard to ankle injury, ankle instabilities and ankle fractures. 
Rheumatology population includes people with inflammatory arthropathy and degenerative joint disease. This patient caseload also includes both acute and chronic soft tissue injury, dealing particularly with Achilles tendon, medial flexor and peroneal soft tissue structures. 
There is an ever increasing demand from legal teams to provide an expert opinion on foot and ankle injury. 
Mark held a clinical specialist post from 1994 up until 2010 where he work as an expert within one of the UK's largest trauma units dealing with both civilian and military cases. 
The Podiatric support within the Foot and Ankle Clinic also covers treatment for ingrowing toe nails. This can be quite a painful condition to have and the approach for resolution is very effective. This often involves the use of a local anaesthetic digit (toe) block. 
Footwear can play a fundamental role in terms of a successful patient outcome. Footwear provides an environment not just for the foot to function more appropriately but also often can provide the environment in which an orthotic can work to its maximum potential. 
Gait analysis provides an objective insight into lower limb function and can involve the use of multiple technologies. 
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